“A consortium of companies providing tomorrow’s

Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC., is the parent companyof eight subsidiaries with more than 33 years of experience as a marketing, sales, consulting and financial services firm.
We specialize in assisting businesses as well as individuals achieve their goals by converting concepts and theories into reality through our mentoring processes. 
The following (8) EIGHT companies are subsidiaries/divisions of 
the parent company, Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC.
THE MENTOR FILES, Nationally syndicated News columnist provides "News Solutions For Today’s Problems’ considered to be “The Nation’s Mentor And Consumer Advocate.”We publish unique articles providing a non biased analysis of new products, services, technologies, educators, authors, medical wonders,inventions, business enterprises, entrepreneurs, M. L. M.'s, etc. Currently readership commands over 28 million (IN PRINT) subscribers, and many more throughout the Internet enjoy a Mentor’s point of view! 
$IX FIGURE CLUB, Our Mission; “Helping more people achieve $ix-Figure Incomes than any other business enterprise in history!” We teach you our Private Members How TO PROFIT through the use of O.P.M.“OTHER PEOPLES MONEY” We provide income producing business opportunities by creating MAJOR PROFIT CENTERS in multiple integrity based products, services and projects which benefits millions of customers globally. Perhaps YOU AND YOUR FAMILY COULD PROFIT and or your COMPANY’S
goods and services could benefit from an alliance with ours!
MASTER SAVER, Saves you money; time, hassles, through global marketing and sales of unique products, services, new inventions, etc. WE CAN SAVE YOU... OUR MEMBERS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS when you participate within our network. We promote several of our own goods and services as well as partnering with thousands of other companies who desire increased market share results!  If you need to grow your companies or social organizations profits…Use Master Saver.
DREAM VACATION SUITES, A global vacation and travel benefits firm has combined its expertise, experience, and resources to create this new and unique real estate concept used for awards and motivational campaigns and fulfill your individual vacation and recreational needs as well. ELITE CORPORATE INCENTIVE PROGRAMS create a sensible and affordable solution to your companies incentive programs. This alternative approach to vacation awards meets a wide range of specific incentive needs while it provides a deed to your resort real estate interests. We have NO competition!
REFERRALS UNLIMITEDProduces unlimited, highly pre-qualified prospects for your sales, marketing
and any other lead generation requirements. You can now increase your business with new income producing
marketing vehicles individually customized to fit any type or size business that seeks increased market share and improving your bottom line profitability.
DAVIS FINANCIAL SERVICES, Decades of experience dealing on a global scale with corporate CEO’S,business leaders on several continents, political Heads of State from Presidents, Prime Ministers, members of The U.S. Congress, The White House, Chambers of Commerce, and Thousands of Consumers has provided a Wealth of Knowledge. Our mission is to share our network of connections with our private members.
E:COM CONSORTIUM ”Global Networks Providing Today’s Solutions”, Commerce through electronic marketing vehicles linked together to form a Consortium of business enterprises who share resources to achieve E:COM during this new millennium. The Internet and World Wide Web is the platform used to generate continuous revenue streams, increasing personal wealth through global networking providing millions of B 2 B’s PROFIT CENTERS!
MENTOR FOUNDATIONProviding a mental infrastructure in order for the mind to expand we develop
a fertile yet self-sustainable atmosphere to harvest the best of the best. We will preach only what we practice. Our goal is simple… “We desire to help others help themselves and then have them help others.” Wouldn’t it be great if we had a nation of MENTORS that would go into the world and spread the good news.