“A consortium of companies providing tomorrow’s


Mentor acts as an international business broker an advocate for individuals and firms in both the United States and internationally.  Mentor brings together buyers and sellers, promoters and financiers in order for them to reach agreements for mutual benefit. 
AS THE DECISION MAKER, you may choose to participate as a member of our organization or simply as a value client in our network.  You are invited to share the unique benefits our Consortium affords our clients.

As advocates, our mission is to solve our client’s problems!

At a cost far below what the individual or a company can expect to spend to reach a target market, MENTOR can tailor a search for the perfect business contacts for a project or a marketing effort in order for you to close deals! Our efforts produce several High Yield Return Passive Income Programs (HYRPIP) That Can Provide Positive Cash Flow For Our Private Members.

There are eight faces or dimensions that underlie the success of our influence in network.

The MENTOR staff may perform as:

No. 1.  The Loan Broker: secures loans, credit enhancement, financial resources for his network's membership.
No. 2.  The Revenue Enhancer: often sells products and services on behalf of his clients, his prospective clients, and other members of prospective members of his network.
No. 3. The Purchase Agent: in many cases we negotiated secure contracts and the purchase of expensive items for our members of our network.
No. 4.  The Talent Scout: most business owners and self-employed professionals are constantly searching for and screening new sources of supply.  Our network provides a current high quality listing of suppliers to our exclusive membership.
No. 5.  The  Publicist: we help our network members to gain visibility, recognition and credibility, in print and syndicated news networks as well as Internet based exposure.
No. 6.  The Mentor: we act as mentors to our clients who have various career and business related problems. 
No. 7.  The advocates: our  member’s best interests are always First in our efforts and our actions.  Often we write unsolicited letters of  support for the causes of our clients.
No. 8. The Family Advisory: many professionals will simply give you their bill, our intent is to not only earn our fees but to provide value added services beyond our business requirements.

These are the basics that provide advisory financial and referral services to our clients, prospects and other participants in our network.  Note: Our company enjoys the majority of all of its new clients as a direct benefit of personal referrals from our members.

Enclosed follows the information on what MENTOR can do for you, our policies and procedures.

You can expect results if:

You offer products/services/projects produced in the United States or globally:
You are looking for suppliers in the U.S. or abroad:
You are open to advice and consultation from potential partners:
Your projects, products, services and programs (P.P.S.P.) can support infrastructure development or consumer markets          domestically or internationally:
You desire a new marketing division that promotes your business within our ever-increasing network worldwide.
You desire the use of our networks to provide income, cash flow, funds to grow your personal and or business profits /             assets.

  Take a moment to see the benefits MENTOR can offer you. Then complete and returned the enrollment form (client                 agreement or call us with any questions you may have.

To our mutual success,